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Hi, I'm Meagan, your organizer!


Here's what I do...

- Simplify your home, office, or classroom with quality and thoughtful organizing 

- Help you gain control in your life rather than clutter and mess controlling you

- Give your space new life
and a look you will be proud of

- Give you insight into the best tips and tricks to keep your space tidy long after the project is complete

Get a FREE 30-minute consultation and discover how I can help you get simplified!

Serving Northern Middlesex County, MA and Southern Hillsborough County, NH

Let's get you Simplified!

An organized room is a happy room!

Many of us wish that our space could be more organized, have less clutter, and be easier to maintain. The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) lets us know that 80% of items we keep in our homes are NEVER used. Finding the time to de-clutter, finding a system that works for us AND doing it, makes us not want to do it sometimes!

That's where Voilà! Simplified Space & Home comes in!


Rest assured, you are not alone in needing help; we all do from time to time! According to a national poll by the NPD group, an astounding 27.3% of people noted that they simply don’t have the time to organize, and 25.2% were overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they had to start with!    


Let Voilà! Simplified Space & Home assist you in improving your mental and physical health by creating the space of your dreams! When working with you, you are able to step out of that mindset of doing it all on your own. By working with a professional who is excited to make your space functional, inviting, and clutter-free you’re one step closer to taking that 'something' off your to-do list!  










At Voilà! Simplified Space & Home I understand the connection you have to your space and will prioritize treating you and your space with the utmost respect, patience, understanding, and confidentiality! It is my job to assist you through the personal and emotional process that comes with minimizing the number of items in your space and finding sustainable storage solutions!


Thank you for considering Voilà! Simplified Space & Home! It would be a privilege for me to join you on your journey to a simplified space. I look forward to learning about you, your dreams for your space, and how I can make this process a great one for you!



Go from this... this!

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