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The Organizing Process

My goal is to create a calm, organized, and inviting environment you can enjoy long after the project is complete! Here is my unbeatable process to help you achieve success:

Step 1:

During your free consultation, I will take a look at your space to find out which projects you'd like to begin with. This consultation is critical in order to find out about YOUR lifestyle and how to incorporate it into the organizing process. It's important to keep your space EXACTLY as you would any other day. Don't clean and don't try to tidy anything. This allows me to see what your current system is and identify what is working and what is not working. This is an entirely judgement-free process, so rest assured that I am here to guide, reassure, and help you through till the very end!



Step 2:

Brainstorm your ideal space! What can we incorporate in it? Do you want to use mostly containers and storage solutions that you already have on hand, or a whole new aesthetic? Do you want to keep the space for what it serves right now, or change it up entirely? We'll revisit the actual containers and solutions you'll choose at Step 4. 



Step 3:

This will be the start of your first session, and the start of your journey to a new and organized space! A typical session is 4 hours long. I take everything out of every shelf, drawer, closet, nook, and cranny in your project space and start to sort. This is where you play an integral role: you decide what will stay and what will go. This part usually takes the longest depending on your decision-making, but there is no wrong answer here; you keep what you want and let go of the unnecessary. Clients are usually urged to donate as many items as they like because of the ease of putting the responsibility on me to bring them to a donation center instead of themselves. 







Step 4:

Once we figure out the items you intend to keep, I continue to sort and find the best zone to keep it. This is the fun part! I'll incorporate the system that makes sense for your lifestyle then sort all items into containers or smart storage solutions. You'll really start to see the progress here!

Step 5:

Place, label, and test out your space! It will be important to try out your new space for at least a few weeks to see if it works for you. This is the last step and the reveal of your organized space! Voilà!


Image by Clay Banks
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