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From Teacher, to Stay at Home Mom, to Professional Organizer

Q & A with Voilà! Simplified Space & Home’s founder Meagan Rios! 

Q: What makes you passionate about creating a simplified space? 


A: The feeling of walking into a room or space that was once so chaotic and finding simplicity and peace. No searching through piles of papers, no digging through drawers, and no upending an entire room just to find one item. You just feel at ease and proud of your space. 


Q: How did you find your passion for organizing? 


A: After a huge life transition! I went from being a full-time French teacher to a full-time stay-at-home Mom with two little ones. After a few years with kids, I realized how tough controlling my possessions could be, and I started finding new ways of creating control around my home. I organized every counter, room, closet, and shelf and I found a new feeling of fulfillment in my life. Not long after, Voilà! Simplified Space & Home was born! 


Q: How do you know where to begin organizing? 


A: I begin in a space where I feel a sense of unease, apprehension, or lack of control. Those spaces tend to be the busiest, and the most used. When I begin with the spaces I use most often, it's much easier to tackle other spaces once that project is complete!


Q: What is your favorite space to organize, and why? 


A: If I had to choose; a closet! It's the most versatile space that is often neglected and used for random storage. I love the satisfying and sustainable organizational systems that can be created in a closet, and the wow factor they can produce. 


Q: What is your favorite organizational tool or solution?


A: Containers! Give me a sturdy basket or bin with handles any day. 


Q: What do you enjoy most about creating a simplified space for others? 


A: Seeing the relief on a person's face when they see their new simplified space and how that translates into a more simplified life.  

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